Your organization needs are unique to your industry along with the specific challenges it faces. Increased regulatory requirements and changes within the global business landscape, are increasing stakeholder demands, resulting to challenges for management across all organizations.

Each organization is in a distinct position in need of a tailor-made approach, to reach its goals. These include Audit Services, preparation and revision of Financial Statements, or agreed upon procedures, where our specialized professionals will provide the services you need.

To meet legal requirements and satisfy the needs of financiers, shareholders and other stakeholders, our clients value the robust assurance of our services. Our pragmatic and commercial approach adds value and improves business performance, by committing to maintain high levels of quality and professional standards.

We utilize a risk-based audit methodology by understanding our clients’ organisation, its goals and objectives, key business risks, operations and financial processes.  This provides a highly effective service, along with insights used to offer further value to our clientele.

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Ruxandra Bilius

Head of Assurance Services

Maria Kaffa

Senior Partner, Assurance & Advisory Services

Andreas Pittakas

Partner, Assurance & Advisory Services

Moisis Aristidou

Partner, Assurance & Fund Services

Spyros Grouits

Country Managing Director, Head of Financial Services

Svilena Todorova

Director, Assurance & Advisory Services

Moisis Aristidou

Partner, Assurance & Fund Services

Constantin Agafita

Senior Manager, Assurance Services