1. Financial Advisory Services
With experience in Banking & Capital Markets, Insurance, Private Equity and Wealth & Asset Management, we are focused in delivering valued Financial Advisory services to our clients.

NPE advisory services

Analysis of an organisation’s NPL (Non-Performing Loan) portfolio and performance diagnostics of the collection process, along with the identification of opportunities for alternative collection strategies, and tools for their implementation.

We proceed to conducting investigations, legal actions and negotiations towards individual debtors with in-depth analysis and segmentation of one’s loan portfolio, leading to the revision of an operations manual, along with and compliance checks issued directives.

A Gap Analysis allows the development of an innovative, efficient and effective restructuring strategy, by analysing the accounting and tax implications, for every resolution strategy for both the financial institution and the borrowers. The process includes the implementation of a trademarked software package, designed for loan restructuring solutions.

Review and testing of systems if internal controls

Review and rigorous testing of an organisation’s internal policies and procedures in terms of compliance, allowing the review and design of internal procedures and recommendations for better alignment with an organization’s strategic goals and improved efficiency.

Special financial Investigations

Forensic investigations, resolution of business disputes, cost-based pricing models, financial diagnostics, custom design of investigation procedures to meet an organisation’s needs in alternative situations

Asset Quality Reviews (AQR)

As part of the regulators’ comprehensive assessment of the banking system, in line with the provisions of the regulation on the single supervisory mechanism (SSM Regulation) and the methodology developed by the European Central Bank (ECB), we serve as a third party provider of independent reviews of a bank’s quality of its assets.

Balance Sheet Reviews (BSR)

Organized and supervised by national regulators and international organizations, including the European Commission and the European Insurance and Occupational Pensions Authority (EIOPA), we serve as a third-party provider of independent reviews of balance sheets within insurance companies and pension funds.

Regulatory compliance article

We provide detailed reviews or internal policies and processes, as well as reports submitted for regulatory purposes, to confirm compliance with various government requirements.

2. Transaction Advisory Services

Every transaction, regardless its size, is key to the growth or succession of a business. It needs to be on making the right decision where all pertinent facts have been considered. From ensuring the end result is always kept in sight, be it growth, higher profitability, improved market share or competitive edge, through to minimising the associated risks inherent in any transaction.

Our services, being as comprehensive as any firm, is tailored to your needs, to maximise optimal outcomes for your organisation.

Transaction Advisory Services include:
1) Valuations & Business Modelling
2) M&A Advisory
3) Transaction Services
4) Restructuring Services

a) Valuations & Business Modelling
Although thoroughly analysing the quantitative aspects of a business is important, a good business valuation also incorporates qualitative analysis of the business, the industry and the economic conditions in which the business operates.
Recognizing that a valuation is as much an art as it is a science, with many nuances involved in determining a value, we can support you by employing valuation techniques most appropriate to a specific situation, by understanding the economics of the organisation to offer value added advice.
You will be guided through the process of reviewing and developing activities, to improve your strategic plans and results, within your organisation.

b) M&A Advisory
Mergers and Acquisitions are always accompanied by high expectations, but studies have shown that more than half of these deals fail. However, M&A is an integral part of any Company’s long-term strategy, in terms of calue creation. The primary purpose of M&A is not to expand immediately, but for organisations to achieve better results.

The key to M&A is care, diligence and skill, where we realise your organisation’s circumstances, define success protocols and identify transactional issues and opportunities. A well-built strategy will then deliver the much-needed outcomes and execute the plan with skill and confidence.

We offer our clients a disciplined approach to creating a deal and bring our expertise to all elements of that deal value chain, including:
• Acquisition Strategy
• Divestitures
• Post-Merger Acquisition

c) Transaction Services
We can help you stay ahead of the competition and take full advantage of growth opportunities to expand your business and increase revenues. By ensuring that your organisation’s acquisitions are strategic and successful, we can bring immediate synergy benefits, through

increased reach and reduced costs, knowing that a business is acquired at the right price.

A Transaction Xycle includes:
– Vendor & Buy Side Due Diligence
– Operational Due Diligence
– Financial Due Diligence
– Independent Business Reviews

d) Restructuring Services
a. Debt Restructuring
Your organisation needs to be efficient to maximise returns, thus benefitting shareholders.
We analyse a business’s existing debt and equity structuring and develop a path towards an optimal debt/equity position. Our strong relationships with banks and other financiers allows us to clients to credit institutions who can provide suitable funding plans for your business. These structured debt funding arrangements, ensure that loan covenants are achievable, and the cost of debt is at a minimum.

b. Working Capital Management
By working directly with Company management, we can help organisations with mismanaged working capital stabilize their financial performance. Through extensive analysis of a company’s trade relationships and operating cycle, our objective is to create an achievable plan and execute it by:

– Preparing Cash Flow Forecasts
– Estimating Working capital needs and suggesting ways to tackle them
– Conducting Feasibility Studies
– Developing Exit Strategies

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