Andreas Nikiforidis

Andreas is responsible for the corporate and legal advocacy services in Romania.

He holds a Degree on Law and an LLM from the University of Leeds.

Andreas has been acting for the last 10 years as the legal counsel of the Greek School of Bucharest and has been significantly involved in pro bono legal assistance for the Greek community in Romania.


Andreas has 12 years of professional experience. His work experience includes corporate governance, commercial mergers and acquisitions, including due diligence reviews across a wide range of industries.

He mainly focuses on all aspects related to corporate governance and business reorganization.

He has assisted a broad range of multinational corporations and domestic clients in various acquisitions, mergers, spin off processes, including origination and execution of transactions (acquisitions, divestments, leases) with real estate assets, portfolios or companies, due diligence services, (debt and equity).

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